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  • 03/19/15
  • Unit arrived by express post in 2 days to WArnIt took me around five minutes to install "its so easy" The performance more
  • 07/27/15
  • I already had one of these in my Xtrail and just out one in my 2012 Prado. Huge improvement in power, no lag or delay anymore more
  • 04/21/15
  • Set my chip to 5 then went on a trip towing my fully loaded Jayco Swan. The Captiva ran perfect with plenty of power 100% more

Welcome to  We are the official Australian distributor of the leading UK manufactured diesel performance and economy Diesel Chip tuning modules. We supply the highest quality products to individual consumers, businesses, commercial vehicles, fleet and the motor trade.
What Makes our Diesel Chip Tuning Units Different? Our units are specially programmed with mapping to suit the climatic conditions of Australia. Most Tuning Modules are designed in Europe and have mapping designed to suit the colder European and English climate. These don't perform as well in hotter climates like Australia.

Use of our innovative "Plug & Play" diesel chip tuning box can vastly improve the performance and drive-ability of your car or van, not to mention increase the MPG obtained from being able to use higher gears more.

Best of all fitting the unit to your car is child's play, as you can see from the animation below, it's a simple DIY job with no special "mechanical" knowledge required.

Buy one today and join the 1000s of happy customers which have already benefited from...

 Specially Designed Mapping to Suit Australian Conditions
 Eliminates "Flat Spots" and Reduces "Turbo Lag"
Up to 40% More Power For Safer Overtaking
Increased Torque For Improved Towing Ability
Better Driveability and Smoother Gear Changes
Up to 20% Better Fuel Economy From Torque Increase
  • Our unique RevSenseTM software installed on each unit works in harmony with your engine boosting power.