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Why are our Tuning Boxes allot cheaper than other brands sold in Australia?

CMD Australia buys directly from the manufacturer so it can offer the best prices. Most other businesses, selling Diesel and Petrol Tuning boxes in Australia, are resellers or buy Tuning boxes and have them rebadged with their own brand/logo and then resell them at highly inflated prices. In the UK/Europe you would never pay over $1000 for the latest design Tuning Box.


Are CMD Tuning Boxes as good as the more expensive Tuning Boxes that I see being sold here in Australia?

Our Tuning Boxes use the same, and sometimes better, digital platform that nearly all the other reputable brands being sold here use. All our tuning boxes uses high quality German components together with the latest software which is controlled by a 32 bit digital processor. This is not a "Variable Resistor in a box" like some older technology products.


Diesel and Petrol chip tuning, so why don't the manufactures do this?

You may have wondered why a manufacturer can have the same engine in different models but they can have different power outputs.

This is not due to the engine mechanics as they are usually built to the same standard, but it's down to the software installed into the ECU which governs the engines output.

Manufacturers don't use tuning modules because of the strict emissions regulations and tax bands, altitude (effects oxygen levels), temperature, fuel quality etc etc. They build the lowest number of variants, which suit all worldwide markets. By doing this they compromise performance and economy.


How easy is it to fit?

Most installations can be done your-self within 15-30mins, no special tools, soldering or wire cutting is involved. At most you may need a socket set to remove any screws holding the plastic engine cover on, but that's it. It's the ideal DIY project!

We provide a comprehensive installation guide taking you through the whole process


Will it harm my engine?

No our Diesel and Petrol tuning boxes sits behind all the engines safety features, which remain active, control of the engine safety features are ALWAYS with the car's ECU. It is not actually possible to damage your engine if the product is installed correctly


So how does the unit work?

Your engine is producing 20-40% less power than it is naturally capable of. Almost all manufacturers develop one engine and limit it electronically to comply with worldwide regulations, fuel grades, climate etc. This means your engine has much more to offer in terms of power and economy. The tuning box takes live data from various engine sensors and delivers optimized signals to the ECU, making the engine perform as it should.

We have prepared a technical overview document to explain how the common-rail diesel engine works and the tuning process we use click HERE to view


Will I really notice the difference?

Absolutely, you won't have to ask your-self "Is it working?"


Can I adjust the power setting?

Yes, our units are fully adjustable. We also pre-set all units prior to shipping so in most cases it's plug and go


How does increasing the engines power improve fuel economy?

In addition to controlling the fuel delivery our unit provides more torque through the engine, particularly in the low to mid range. This allows the driver to change up to higher gears more quickly, and able to use for longer. Fuel economy gains are delivered as a result of this control over the fuel system and the effects of more torque. Please note that personal driving styles and other factors can effect fuel economy results.


So what's the difference between the Pro and Pro with Bluetooth models?

Both models are engineered with a powerful digital microprocessor chip that allows our system to monitors your engine millions of times a second, learning from your driving style and making small tuning adjustments to your Diesel engine's fuelling dynamically, ensuring the additional power is applied exactly when needed (unlike less sophisticated tuning boxes) and always within the engine manufactures design limits. They both also donít make any permanent changes to your vehicles ECU and reverts vehicle back to its original state when removed without leaving a trace.

Diesel vehicle owners wanting the benefits of chip tuning with the minimum of fuss can choose the Pro model, which will in most cases work fine out-of-the-box, giving a good power and economy boost whist still providing different maps settings to adjust our diesel tuning chip to suit your driving style. The Pro model comes with 7 preloaded setting to choose from.

For Diesel and Petrol Turbo vehicle owners who want the latest advanced tuning system, we offer our 'Pro with Bluetooth' version. This model also comes with the extra ability to also control Turbo Boost as well as fuel delivery, on most vehicles, resulting in more low down torque, more stable air/fuel ratios and improved emissions, which is important with modern vehicles fitted with EGR and DPF systems. The Pro with Bluetooth model also comes with Bluetooth connectivity with allows you to select on the fly any of the 21 preloaded settings directly from your mobile device.

If you require any further information about our Standard or Professional models send us an email through the Contact Us page or send us an email at


Should I inform my insurer if I chip my Vehicle?

Yes, although the product is totally undetectable when removed we can only recommend that you inform your insurance company of the modification.


Will a Tuning Box affect the warranty on my car?

Installing any third party add-on can cause a raised eyebrow or two at the dealership, and whilst our unit can be fitted and removed (reversing the effect totally and without retrospective trace) we would say itís often best to ask before fitting to check. We always recommend that you remove before servicing to avoid any disputes with dealerships in regards to this matter.