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Money well spent

I have a 2016 Ford Ranger auto and use it to tow a 3 ton caravan:
Towing caravan without chip 20ltrs per 100km
Towing caravan with chip 15ltrs per 100km

Ranger without caravan. General use:

Without chip 10.5ltrs per 100km
With chip 8.1ltrs per 100km

At 100kms per hour:
Without chip 2000rpm
With chip 1600rpm

When towing caravan auto used to change from 6th gear to 5th gear at around 85kmprhr. It would change back into 6th gear at around 110kmprhr which is all chances for a speeding ticket (no thanks)
With the chip in the auto hangs on till 70-75 kmprhr and changes back into 6th gear around 85-90 kmprhr(perfect)

This chip is an absolute enhancement for the ford ranger. It is doing everything I wanted and more. Best investment I've bought for a long time.


Jaguar XF D Luxury 2011

"After researching the internet and finding had the most positive reviews online, I purchased a computer for my 2011 XF Jaguar 3.0 Litre Turbo Diesel. My model is the Luxury model which has 500Nm torque. After the local garage installed the computer I was absolutely amazed at how much extra power I now have. My previous car was a AMG CLS55 Supercharged V8 with 700Nm torque so I'm quite familiar with these levels of torque. I felt the Jaguar was lacking power on the motorway and taking off from the lights, and I am now extremely happy with the seemingly unlimited torque and overtaking ability I get from my car. On the motorway I now get 5.8 l/100kms up from 6.1 l/100kms, but the overtaking power is what has surprised me so much. This is easily the best value for money upgrade I have ever done on any vehicle. These things work as advertised."

Richard Clapham

Rodeo 3.0 Non Common Rail

It has been nearly 2 years running this chip in my Rodeo...trouble free.

It made it much better to drive initially.

I have now fitted free flow exhaust & intercooler and the system is much better.

Thank you!


MU-X chip

fitted the chip as set from factory to a 2016 M-MUX Automatic, it no longer changes down up hills and fuel consumption has got heaps better, before when filled up it gave about 540 km per tank, now it says 740
very pleased

Keith Parkin

Nissan Navara NP300 2.3

Purchased the standard unit for my NP300 last week and was a
little doubtful what performance I would get if any. Happy to report after
testing out over weekend that this unit works very well and so easy to
install and adjust to suit personal requirements. I'm running it on the max
power #9 setting and can report as follows... (keep in mind Ute has big
wheels/tyres and lift kit). Fuel before around town/fwy in traffic before
was approx. 10.8L/100, now reporting as good as 6.5-7.0L/100 with tank range
now 850kms+ from approx. 700kms. The torque and power really comes in at low
revs now and motor will also rev out to 4k+ easy before changing up if you
want it too. Haven't had time to do a proper speed test, but approx.
40-105kmph in 5 sec with 3 people on board. Acceleration form lights is
great with 0 lag and not blowing black smoke as I expected it might/no
engine warning lights after full throttle.


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