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Nissan Navara NP 300

I purchased the standard unit for my NP300 last Friday and due to previously installing one on my ZD30 Patrol I was very eager to evaluate the potential performance benefits. I state that after testing the unit out over the next few days following installation and 1200 kms, that this particular unit works extremely well. Absolutely no turbo lag of black smoke. I'm currently running it on the power #6 setting and report that combined fuel consumption before the chip install was approx. 9.8L/100, and now can report as good as 8.1L/100 with both a city/freeway cycle of use.
The rate of acceleration has been vastly improved and and climbing one of my favourite steep hills in the Southern Highlands of NSW has seen an increase from 105kms/hr to 140kms/hr at the rise.
Well done Chip My Diesel!
Keep up the fantastic work.
Love you Guys!
23 July 2017 - Nick Vam.

Nick Vamianakis


2002 Rodeo
Just finished the fuel numbers & I am pleased to say she is at 1.5 to the hundred less & I have been ( DRIVING IT!!!!!)
But I could never invisaged it would make the difference it has to the torque that it has! She is a totally different Ute I have fallen back in love with her again & she is staying!
Thanks Chip My Diesle this thing is a winner


2017 v8 200 series landcuriser

I have a 2017 v8 Landcruiser and change the chip to - chip my diesel . I did a lot of research on the chips and ask many questions to owners who have made the change . i finally decided to go with ( chip my diesel ) . I decided to go with the above because it had 7 settings to play with , only because the way i drive, suits me so I took the plunge and fitted it all up, good move , no black smoke and very responsive.I set the settings on the max power output and watch the results . fuel consumption outstanding like 14.7 litres to 11.4 litres. highway cruising . well done . exhaust system still factory don't think I need to change, maybe in the future but will ask many questions and reports before I do . they are big $

Daniel Bloomfield

2013 dmax

Had mine fitted the weekend and already saving diesel. Got it on setting 5.


Audi Q7 3.0l

I bought this car new 4 years ago. After 2 months I put in a chip from chip my diesel. I immediately found an improvement in power and torque and an exceptional improvement in fuel economy. Over 70000 km my average consumption improved from 11.6 litres per 100 km to 8.6 litres per 100 kilometres.I do about 60% short town work and 40% Highway work. I reckon this is phenomenal the economy for a car that weighs over 2.3 tonnes. That is a saving of 2100 litres. So over $2500. The unit from chip my diesel has paid for itself many times over.


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