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Ford Focus TDCi Diesel Tuning Chip

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Standard Version
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  • Torque
  • +20%
  • Economy
  • Power
    More power across the range providing upto 30% increased BHP.
  • Torque
    Transform the performance of the engine with up to 40% more torque, no more struggling to get up hills and pull heavy loads
  • Economy
    By moving the power to the lower rev ranges increases your ability to use high gears at even lower revs, meaning you can also achieve up to 15% improved fuel economy, and reduce your CO2 emissions into the bargain!
Eliminates flat spots in your Ford Focus TDCi and reduces turbo lag for a crisper, smoother drive with longer performance power band

Improved economy possible by increasing the your Ford Focus TDCi diesel engine's torque output, allowing use of higher gears at lower revs

Increased diesel engine performance at low-med revs allows better torque response for easier towing of caravans and/or trailers

Compliant with MOT vehicle emission standards, suitable for Focus TDCi engines fitted with diesel particulate vehicles (DPF/FAP)

Original ECU program remains intact at all times, car returns to normal once removed and as a result, unlike a remap, the diesel tuning chip cannot be wiped by Ford main dealer service intervals

Increased power on demand, whilst keeping the engine standard at idle speeds

Allows use of high gears at even lower revs than usual, meaning you burn less fuel - so increasing your  Focus TDCi diesel engines inherent economy

Our tuning chip is easy to fit/remove, with no retrospective data trace left behind

Feeling the financial pinch? fit one of our diesel tuning chips and breath new life and regain the enjoyability from your Ford Focus TDCi with up to 40% more performance as well as upto 20% more economy

Suitable for manual or automatic Ford Focus TDCi diesel models

Manufactured to ISO 9001 quality assurance standards in the UK with high build quality

Easy to configure, our chip tuning units come pre-set to give your Focus TDCi diesel model a good performance/economy boost

The safe alternative to remapping our DIY install performance chip tuning units provide performance boosts as well as impressive economy savings for the careful driver, making it the ultimate add-on for your Ford Focus TDCi

Suitable for high mileage users wanting better economy from their Focus TDCi diesel model, our unique plug in chip tuning system will boost your economy further and cut your monthly fuel bill

Focus TDCi drivers looking for the ultimate performance diesel chip tuning experience should check out the Pro model with Tri-Band Adjust system


So what's the difference between the Std and Pro models?

Both models are engineered with a powerful digital microprocessor chip that allows our system to monitors your engine millions of times a second, learning from your driving style and making small tuning adjustments to your Diesel engine's fuelling dynamically, ensuring the additional power is applied exactly when needed (unlike less sophisticated tuning boxes) and always within the engine manufactures design limits. They both also donít make any permanent changes to your vehicles ECU and reverts vehicle back to its original state when removed without leaving a trace.

Diesel vehicle owners wanting the benefits of chip tuning with the minimum of fuss can choose the standard model, which will in most cases work fine out-of-the-box, giving a good power and economy boost whist still providing different maps settings to adjust our diesel tuning chip to suit your driving style. The Standard model is only for Diesel Vehicles !!!

For Diesel and Petrol Turbo vehicle owners who want the latest advanced tuning system, we offer our 'Professional' version. The Professional model also comes with the extra ability to also control Turbo Boost as well as fuel delivery, on most vehicles, resulting in more low down torque, more stable air/fuel ratios and improved emissions, which is important with modern vehicles fitted with EGR and DPF systems. The Professional model also comes with a modern exterior map selection keypad and can be reconfigured to suit your next vehicle if compatible.

If you require any further information about our Standard or Professional models send us an email through the Contact Us page or send us an email at


Chip tuning at it's very best! Unlock the true power in your Ford Focus TDCi with one of our plug-in digital diesel chip tuning units

  • Transform the feel of your Ford Focus TDCi in minutes by fitting one our of diesel tuning chips
  • More performance power for safer overtaking, and make a real difference to 0-60 times
  • Increase the pulling power (torque) of your diesel engine and making climbing hills and make towing caravans and trailers a breeze
  • Use less fuel - our chip tuning units can allow you to gain more economy by carefully tuning the low end performance output of your diesel engine allowing use of higher gears at lower revs
  • Our chip tuning unit's Easy DIY plug-in design makes installation on your Ford Focus TDCi as easy as 1,2,3 with no wires to cut or solder
  • Powerful industrial micro chip based design analysing and tuning the engine millions of times a second, giving amazing performance and economy gains
  • Buy one today for your Ford Focus TDCi feel the instant difference!
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Pro Version
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Reviews / Comments

2013 120kw focus tdci
"Installed August 2015 and slowly stepped the module up from 3 to 5 which provides a noticeable increase in off the line torque. The fuel economy was previously at around 6.2l/100km and after 1000km settled down to an average of 5.5l/100km which is excellent. Only had one event where the engine management cut the engine when I put my foot down at the lights - shortly after installation - so I would recommend not thrashing it off the line until the engine management has become used to the increased fueling. My driving is a lot of inner-city short trips in traffic and a daily commute of over 100km on motorways and backroads at 100km/hr with a fair bit of overtaking also. The car was already very grunty with 340nm standard and I would guess this has been pushed closer to 400nm now. Very impressed and would recommend this product to anyone with a modern turbo diesel. "
25 October 2015by Mark