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Since installing this chip I am very impressed with the increase in power and performance of my LDV T60, there doesn't seem to be much change in the fuel consumption. I regularly tow a large tandem trailer with a tractor which weighs close to the 3 Ton rating, before the upgrade I had an IDrive throttle controller installed which helped but now with the IDrive and chip installed there is a vast improvement in the towing capability, as the vehicle is not so sluggish with the trailer attached and handles the weight a lot better. The money I spent on this chip has been well worth it, as the T60 is now a totally different vehicle to drive with the increase in power.

Dick Folley

Amarok 2 Litre

Just received my Pro Tuning box and fitted it to my 2012 Manual Amarok, combined with a performance air filter it works wonders, very punchy now through the gears, a different car now

John Dix

2016 Mitsubishi Pajero

I have been using the Chip for the last 12 months and was very skeptical about its performance but curious to see if it really work. I'm a Sales Engineer and travel with my car quite frequently around the state of Western Australia and after 12 months this is what I have noticed.
In the regional area I get about 7.1L / 100km where previously I would get 8.5L / 100km.
In the metro area I get about 8.3L / 100km where previously I would get 9.8L / 100km.
So on average I get about 1.45L / 100km fuel saving and travelling at 35,000km per year I saved 507.5L which at $1.25 / L average fuel price I saved just over $630. So in 1 year it practically paid itself off.

Let me talk about power, as you can appreciate in Western Australia the Road Trains are quite long and normally with a TD would would get a run up to over take them in a safe time, but the about of power this chip provide give me the power to over take quickly and safely. I'm estimating about 25% more power

Best investment I have made and more importantly extremely easy to install


Mitsubishi Challenger

My challenger(2.5Litre TD PC/PB)has Km165000 on clock.
Put chip, with factory settings (left them as was) into vehicle. I must say the 5 min. installation statement is a bit of a stretch.
That being said after a quick drive around block found engine was running quieter and smoother
Next day took it for a Km75 run and found L/100Km at 100Km/hr had dropped from 9.9 to 7.7,Also acceleration(Diesel)lag had almost gone.Very good
Went away with 7.2 metre/2000Kg caravan in tow and found better fuel economy as well, although not as much as just vehicle (about 1.5L/100Km less). Found engine did not labour as much, and on a straight run it was almost not like towing at all. Anyway will keep you apprised of further experiences


Raptor Pro

Great chip and speedy service. Chip works great with my Raptor truck. Thanks to the guys at CMD who answered all my questions and even fitted the chip at no extra cost. Will be back with my next car.:-))))


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