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2017 mux

Best thing I have done to the mux more power and torque is obvious and I am saving 1 litre of fuel per 100 km around town. Have not checked on longer drives because of fires.
I did a check on acceleration in 3rd gear before and after all I can say is that after the chip was put in the car took off like a scared rabbit



I'm absolutely gobsmacked at the difference this Chip has done in my Navara. Not only does it have way more power its gone from an ave of 10.9 litre's per 100 down to 7.2 Litre's per 100. Same trip every day. I am so much more than impressed. If your looking at something to fall in love with your car again then this it! Thanks guys.



These throttle controllers are great. Reduced the throttle lag dramatically from my car. Now when you push on the pedal you get instant response without that terrible delay. Great Job CMD



had the chip in for over six months now WOW what can I say I use to need a airstrip to overtake someone now I can go around three cars at once no joke this thing is amazing I use to struggle to up hills to the point it would nearly be easier to put in 4X4 to get up now I can hold 110km up most hills it exceeded my expectations considering I thought it was a lot of money if it doesn't do much I was wrong best money I ever spent cant recommend enough


Exceeds my expectations

Iíve only had my chip in for a week so itís too soon to say much about fuel savings but I can tell you that as far as power goes this is the beeís knees.
After a very simple installation I took the Navara out for a run. As recommended in the manual, I left the jumper on the median setting and cruised around he rural roads. I was pretty sure it felt less sluggish but thought maybe it was wishful thinking.
The next day I needed to take a longer trip which included some reasonable hills. I decided to move the setting up to produce more power, one setting down from the top.
This time there was no doubt at all. Normally my fifth gear tends not to get a lot of work because of the windy roads I travel on; if I back off to take a curve the engine doesnít have enough power to accelerate again without shifting down. Not anymore. And on longer straights I felt like I could have used a sixth gear.
The biggest surprise was when I hit the big hill; not only was I able to go up in fifth gear, I was able to accelerate. I actually overtook someone going uphill in fifth gear. Anyone with a 2.5 Navara knows how unlikely that is.
For the trip home I took the setting back to the median setting just to check out the difference. Going up a similar hill I was able to sit on a 100kph in fifth gear, but not accelerate. But I have never been able to do that pre chip.
Iíll probably leave the upper settings for when Iím towing as it seemed like overkill to have that much power. Iím hoping the median setting will help with fuel economy.
Very happy with the results Iíve received. Highly recommend this product if youíre sick of the lack of power these Navaras have on factory settings.


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