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very happy

I have just purchased a throttle control for my Great Wall Steed 2020 gee what a difference. I spoke to James he was more than helpful it was posted within a day or so highly recommended you put you foot down and it goes no waiting takes that lage out

Mark Bulkeley

Navara 2.5 D40

Hi - to the entire team at CMD
I am thoroughly impressed with how quickly you shipped the chip out to me.
I am grateful that you upgraded to the pro due to the unavailability of the stock.
I have noticed a substantial difference in the acceleration and smoothness of the truck. It was very simple to install, only 10 mins max. Especially noticeable between 2nd and 3rd gear being too long between before, the pick up means I can drive it without the need to push 2nd to 3000rpm before changing, 2500 is fine and less wear on the engine overall.
The Bluetooth is very handy and makes it so much easier to adjust on the fly.
I will keep an eye on the economy of fuel but I had to email the team in appreciation before I even got through my first tank of fuel
Job very well done guys. I appreciate the obvious hard work you put into your business.

Regards Mathew


Colorado Chip

Holy crap. This chip is the ducks guts. Amazing performance. Looking forward to towing our van.


Jeep Grand Cherokee Chip

I just returned from 2000+km trip through wheatbelt and northern goldfields . Pleased to say no issues with chip and Jeep pulling 2.5/3.0 MT caravan - very pleased . Fuel was same as previous chip 17L/ 100 km average for the trip ( no tailwinds one leg with wind on the nose 22L/100km). Overall impressed with oodles of torque for overtaking 60ft long road trains quickly.
Will continue spreading your name to the nomads
Thanks for all the support and a great product.


Mitzi Tritan

Bought the chip and it arrived super quick in NZ
Easy to fit and massive difference in low torque
Canít speak highly enough


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