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2018 Pajero Sports

James installed the twin channel unit in my 2018 Pajero Sport auto, on 23 December. Great service! I've done 1000km since, a mix of traffic, open road, and serious off road. I'm very impressed so far. Fuel consumption is down 12% overall, and power is noticeably more, with less lag and far smoother power delivery. I've tried the unit on level 7, which gives pretty urgent response, but have settled on level 5. Can highly recommended this product.


Happy Pathfinder

I have a pathfinder R51 2.5lt automatic she has travelled 315ooo kms had lots of money spent at workshops trying to get her to pull a bit harder no luck just more money, Anyway i have just spent a hour fitting up the Pro unit everything connected up as Daniel said it would first test drive on factory settings after about 5 kms i notice she wanted to go so tested on some small hills worked great more torque held top gear 5th and over we went SWEET. So went home and bump it up one level and away we went again smoother and a lot quicker love it so far, will hook up the caravan in a few weeks that will test it as she was struggling on the hills always changing back gears, so the torque side of things will come into play. thanks again Daniel.

peter fullston

2020 Hyundai iload

I got this after looking for an interceptor or chip box that could give the van a little more go, after seeing a review on this one and that its not one of the scam 'variable resistor in a box' type interceptors, which from experience in previous turbo diesel vans do very little.
The one I got intercepts the boost and fuel sensors so obviously tricks the ecu to give a bit more fuel and boost.
The boost comes on slightly sooner and gives it a few more psi in the mid range and slightly less up around 3600-4000rpm.

I gotta say im actually impressed for something so easy to install, Dont expect a massive increase but the increase is more than I was expecting, id say about 10-15% more power/torque than before.
A guy at work has a ford transit custom and he used to flat out beat me at lights every morning, now if I get the shifts just right (the iload auto is a pain in the arse to shift well in manual mode at times) I can just beat him now lol, so thats a fair increase in power.
It goes up steep hills more effortlessly than before, It significantly reduced the annoying flat spot before it comes on boost and has more power and torque over the rev range, especially the mid end around 2500 to 3300.
Dont expect much at the top end if you over-rev it, the turbo runs out of puff with boost going no higher than stock and diesels earnt really good at revving out anyhow, shifting slightly earlier than before at 3600 seems to be the new sweet spot and thats where it beats the ford transit.

I just set the module to max setting, it runs fine.
Uses about the same amount of fuel as before, around 600km to a tank, which is good, makes it free power.
Only downside is it feels a little rough at idle, if you turn it down it mostly goes away but the trade off is worth it for that extra go.
To help things I also ditched the very restrictive snorkel leading to the airbox and made a bellmouth entry to the airbox, makes a little noise but tolerable and noticably makes the engine more lively above 3200rpm.



Since installing this chip I am very impressed with the increase in power and performance of my LDV T60, there doesn't seem to be much change in the fuel consumption. I regularly tow a large tandem trailer with a tractor which weighs close to the 3 Ton rating, before the upgrade I had an IDrive throttle controller installed which helped but now with the IDrive and chip installed there is a vast improvement in the towing capability, as the vehicle is not so sluggish with the trailer attached and handles the weight a lot better. The money I spent on this chip has been well worth it, as the T60 is now a totally different vehicle to drive with the increase in power.

Dick Folley

Amarok 2 Litre

Just received my Pro Tuning box and fitted it to my 2012 Manual Amarok, combined with a performance air filter it works wonders, very punchy now through the gears, a different car now

John Dix

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